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2013 Revolutionary Leaders Webinars

Rachel Simon. Ten Years After Riding The Bus With My Sister: What’s Changed for Her, Me, and The DD Community.

Bill Baldini. The Story of How a Young News Reporter Exposed the Unbelievably Horrid Conditions at Pennhurst State School and Hospital, Setting Supreme Court Precedent.

Judith Snow. Why I don’t think I am disabled – or you either! The power of planning from “Giftedness.”

Peter Leidy. Supporting Each Other to Discover Our Best Work.

Al Condeluci. CHANGING COMMUNITY: Understanding the Power and Potency of Culture and Social Capital.

Marca Bristo. ADA’s GLOBAL LEGACY: The International Treaty on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

Michael Kendrick. The Enduring Role of Positive Values in Underpinning Good Lives: Why Should This Matter to Leaders.

Val Bradley.Celebrating Our Victories and Facing the Challenges Ahead.

Jack Pearpoint & Lynda Kahn. People, Planning and Possibility.

Eric Rosenthal. Human rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities: The Urgent Need to End Segregation and Institutionalization Around the World.

Dohn Hoyle. Rethinking Guardianship: Facilitating Life-Long Self-Determination.

2012 Revolutionary Leaders Webinars Titles and Recordings

1. Amy Goldman – Communication – a Basic Right and the use of Assistive Technology

2. Diane Coleman & Steve Drake – Not Dead Yet: Disability Activists Opposing Assisted Suicide, Mercy Killing & Euthanasia

3. James Conroy– Deinstitutionalization: How Far Have We Come and Future Directions? America’s Success Has Become the World’s Challenge: Ending Institutionalization for People with Disabilities

4. Steven Taylor– On the Shoulders of Giants. Reflections on Great Leaders of Our Time: Burton Blatt, Gunnar Dybwad and Wolf Wolfensberger

5. Tony Records– Waiting Lists and Litigation – The Good News and the Bad News

6. Karen Green-McGowan– Health Care for People with Disabilities: Best Practices

7. Michael Wehmeyer– Transition Planning and Instruction: Best Practices

8. Sue Jamieson and Colleagues– The Supreme Court’s Olmstead decision: How will it impact future community supports?

9. Michael Callahan– Assuring Access to Employment for All: The unique benefit of customized employment.

10. Al Condeluci– Social Capital: The Promise of Community

11. David Wetherow– Star Raft: A New Method for Building Enduring Circles of Support.

12. David Pitonyak– ‘Beyond Behavior’: Supporting Competence, Confidence, and a Sense of Well-Being

Revolutionary Leaders 2010-2011 Series

1. Nancy Weiss – The Future of Supports for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities … Moving Beyond Some of the Things We Do with the Best Intentions

2. John O’Brien 10/13/10 Reweaving the Social Fabric

3. Judith Gran 10/20/10 Promises to Keep in Education: the importance of inclusion to a quality education

4. David Wetherow 11/3/10 Community-Building: the Star Raft. This session addresses this last leading edge with a new pattern for building committed, connected and enduring circles of support, called the ‘Star Raft’.

5. Nancy Ward 11/10/10: The Medicaid Reference Desk: An accessible informational site with a person centered planning tool developed by self-advocates

6. Michael Smull 11/17/10 Person Centered Organizations and the Challenge of Scale

7. Clarence Sundram 12/1/10 International Human Rights Law and Disability – learn from Mr. Sundram’s work around the world in applying international law to the conditions of care of persons with mental disabilities.

8. Tom Nerney 1/5/2011 21st Century Self-Determination

9. Nancy Thaler 1/12/2011 State of the States: “The future is what we make it. Regardless of the challenges facing systems that support individuals with developmental disabilities, we can create opportunities for self-direction, employment, and connectedness to the community that lead to good lives. Understanding those challenges is the first step to developing strategies that will support people with disabilities having a good life.”

10. Steve Eidelman 1/19/2011 Three decades of working in the trenches…from deinstitutionalization to self-advocacy and community membership

11. Michael Callahan 2/2/2011 Discovery as the foundation of employment planning.

12. Beth Mount 2/9/2011 The Imaginative Journey: Exploring the heart of activism and innovation.