Forming a Microboard

What is a Microboard?  

Listen to this powerpoint presentation about what a microboard is and how we help people get started:

Overview of Starting a Microboard

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Cory’s Vibe getting started

For Microboards intending to become providers under the TN DIDDS Home and Community Based Waiver program:

Step One:
Information Session(s) with the person and his/her family, and potential board members.

What happens here: TAMC staff meet with the person and his/her family to describe what a microboard is, the steps to forming a microboard, and the commitment it takes to create your own provider.  The person and his/her family is welcome to invite anyone they wish to this meeting as well. This step is done via videoconference.

Step Two: PATH Session  (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope)

What happens here: TAMC staff identify two Volunteer PATH Guides who meet with the individual and his/her family along with invited persons only in a personal planning session. This session helps reframe and refocus the individual and family’s thinking to what his or her future can hold. Individuals and their families control who is in the room as well as when and where these meetings. Potential members of the microboard are provided with an opportunity to see what their commitment to the individual means and how they can become involved in making that individual’s PATH become a reality.  This session occurs in person.

Step Three: Board of Directors Training and Orientation Sessions.

What happens here:

Session 1: TAMC staff meets with the initial individual microboard’s potential board members and provide training on the responsibilities of being on the board of directors of a non-profit organization. TAMC staff provides a template for the articles of incorporation and by-laws. This step is done via videoconference.

Session 2: TAMC staff review financial, personnel, and programmatic requirements that the board of directors is required to oversee. This step is done via videoconference.

At this point, the microboards is considered officially organized and can begin providing organizing natural supports and services if the individual does not receive funding for services.  For individuals who do receive funding for services under the TN DIDD waiver programs, the microboard can provide oversight of services as members of the Circle of Support (as per TN DIDD guidelines).

TAMC also assists microboards with applying to become a certified providers of services under the TN DIDD waiver programs.  The additional development steps for this include:

Step Four: Overview Session on Becoming a State Approved Provider of Services under Tennessee’s Home and Community Based Waiver. The initial session is 2 hours. Follow-up sessions are scheduled to assist and review progress until the application is complete and submitted.  Please Note: TN DIDD only accepts new provider applications twice a year, all sessions are scheduled in keeping with their timeline.

What happens here: TAMC staff meets with the Board of Directors and review the application to become a provider. The microboard is provided with materials and sample applications as models to use in developing their application. TAMC staff continue to provide on-site and off-sight assistance and feedback until the application is submitted for approval.  This step is done via videoconference and in person.

Step Five: On-going Technical Assistance: Provider Start-up. This will take multiple sessions (approximately 8) of two – four hours each.

What happens here: After the application is submitted, TAMC staff continue to meet with the Board of Directors to review processes, procedures and mechanisms that are needed to continue developing the microboard and preparing to become a provider of services and supports. Assistance is given in establishing the documentation system the microboard will use in order to comply with Tennessee Home and Community Based Waiver Requirements and/or other funding requirements.