What is a COOP?

What Is A Cooperative?

See video interviews with Freedom Co-op members from Memphis Tennessee

Human Service Cooperatives™ were first developed in Arizona by Gale and Holly Bohling as a way that a group of individuals with disabilities could come together and support one another. As a non-profit organization, a cooperative also has a volunteer board of directors. However, eighty percent (80%) of the board of directors of a Human Service Cooperative™ has to include the individuals who get support from the cooperative or their designated representative. So, cooperatives, just like a microboards, put the individual who needs or wants support in control of what those supports will be and how they will be provided.


Freedom COOP’s Director taking a break

The Freedom Co-op in Memphis, TN is the currently the only Human Service Cooperatives™ in Tennessee

If you are interested in forming a Human Service Cooperative™, contact us at tnmicroboards@gmail.com